ProcyonSwap the new center of the DeFi on #Fantom
ProcyonSwap, a new defi yield farming on FANTOM network which helps to bring in stable passive income by staking. Stake and earn native tokens. Our goal is to provide safe defi yield farming on FTM network and to grow as a emerging leader community on FANTOM network ecosystem!
  • Supply: 8 000,000
  • 0.001 emission rate
  • Deposit fees will be used for burns, advertising, and dev fee
  • Stealth Launch
Unlike other deflationary yield farms, we don't plan to develop layered farming after launch. Because we think it doesn't make much sense to keep issuing new tokens by layered farming.
Kindly remind, please always Do Your Own Research! Only Invest what you can afford to lose.
Last modified 11mo ago
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